Tour Regulations


  • Only allow for 250 cyclist to participate.
  • Open for all ages, from Indonesian and International participants.
  • A person who is under 16 years of age must be accompanied throughout the ride by a parent or other responsible adult.
  • A person who is under 18 years of age must have written approval from a parent or guardian.
  • There’s the peloton leader which is responsible for following the route, maintaining the ride schedule and any decisions related to the conduct and safety of the ride.
  • Allowed for all type of Bike (Road, Tour, & MTB).
  • At least all cyclist bringing the core equipment for bike.
  • All cyclists must have responsibility for the sake of rider’s ethics.
  • While participating the bonus track extension to Samosir, cyclists are required to bring any light sources (ex: bike lamp or head lamp).
  • All cyclists are covered by insurance.
  • We have shuttle bus and truck if there was any cyclist can’t be able to continue the ride.

Rider’s Kit

  • Every participant of Toba GranFondo 2016 gets a wristband, start number and bike number.
  • Only cyclists with package II. ULOS registered that are entitled to use the transport facilities from the finish line, Parapat to Kualanamu International Airport.
  • The start number must be clipped on the back of the jersey and must be visible during the whole ride of Toba GranFondo 2016.
  • The bike number must be clipped on the seat post during the whole ride of event.
  • The wristband is very important as identification tools, must be wore during the whole part of event.
  • If a participant didn’t use the wristband, bike number or start number, they must be excluded from the event.

Thank you very much for paying your attention.

Klub Registration

  • Kirim logo klub atau komunitasmu ukuran 1:1, Maksimal size 1MB