Welcome To Toba GranFondo 2017

Welcome to Toba GranFondo, a gathering place for domestic and international cyclists at the the largest volcanic crater lake in the world. While Toba has witnessed a colossal natural event seventy thousands of years ago, now you can celebrate the long-distance cycling in the grand caldera.

Grab your bike because the second series of Toba GranFondo will be open soon! 2017 will be the second series of Toba Granfondo as an annual cycling event at greatest Lake Toba. Amazing cycling experience at the track that varies with challenge and Toba’s extraordinary panorama, great climate at the height of 1000m above sea level. Toba GranFondo will make participants able to enjoy the dynamics of twists and turns along the climbing path in upland areas and trigger the adrenaline of the cyclist to experience the fantastic paths of Lake Toba hills.

Agustino Sidabutar
TID’s Toba GranFondo 2017


Toba GranFondo 2017 will return and the registration will be open soon.
Make sure to stay connected with us and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
We look forward to see you as part of Toba GranFondo 2017.

Toba GranFondo 2017 akan kembali dan pendaftaran akan segera dibuka.
Pastikan Anda terhubung dengan kami dan jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.
Kami berharap dapat bertemu Anda sebagai bagian dari Toba GranFondo 2017.

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Here are the following informations about Toba GranFondo 2017

Feel the amazing experiences of Toba Granfondo 2017

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Prepare for the big caldera cycling tour in Toba GranFondo 2017

Bersiaplah bersepeda mengarungi kaldera raksasa di Toba GranFondo 2017
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Celebrating Grand Caldera

The annual cycling events celebrating the beauty of Lake Toba and introducing Indonesian tourism to professional and enthusiast cyclists. Observe the warm welcome of distinct culture people of Toba.

Challenging Track

Test your cycling skill and endurance on the track with twists, turns and climbs to the highlands of Toba, while enjoying the beauty of panorama and breezy cool weather. Come and experience the moments in Toba GranFondo.

Rewarding  Accomplishment

Grab the medal for reaching the finish line together. Friendly support of experienced marshals, mechanics and medics. Feeding zone and the pit-stops served with fresh produce, and cleared route to let you pass. Enthusiastic and supportive spectators.

Cycling Hours

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